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Home made hot liquor tank

I’m thinking about having a hot liquor tank fabricated, large and cheap. Anyone know where I can buy handles to weld on the side to make it easier to carry? Google is pulling up lots of “made in china…2000 piece minimum order” type of results.


How about Homer D. Poe or Lowe’s?

Is this tank something you want to direct fire? You best bet may be to get a cooler sized off your MT. Homer D. Poe sells the 10 gallon size for a decent price (I think I paid 30 bucks for mine), and it comes with handles!

If your having it fabbed then your fabricator should have the know-how to bend up some simple ss handles and weld them on. You’ll get them the size you want too.

FWIW - A 2 foot piece of 1/4 diameter 304 shouldn’t cost more than $7.

See the link below to get an idea of what you’ll pay for some ready to weld on. Those are pretty small though. ... B0057H2F04

Good Luck!
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You can order SS weld on handles from McMaster-Carr if you don’t want fabricated one…


What about a Sanke? Cut the top off and drill a couple holes.

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