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Home Brew Rookie with Bottling Question

Not sure what you mean by the bottom of the plastic bottle being rounded. I’l ask this question. Is the bottle a soda bottle or water bottle? Water bottles aren’t as strong as soda bottles.

That seems quick… how well did you mix the priming sugar? I’d probably go back to the cooler area. I bottle condition in the low sixties, and rarely have decent carbonation before 3 weeks.

Sorry about that…the bottom of the bottle is beginning to pucker outward slightly…so instead of being inverted towards the inside of the bottle, it’s now flat to slightly rounded away from the inside of the bottle. Hope that makes more sense. It’s a Dasani water bottle…so maybe that’s why I’m having this issue. Should I think about either transferring it to a glass bottle or taking the cap off for a few seconds to relieve the pressure, squeeze the head space out again, and re-cap?

I completely dissolved the sugar in boiling water, then added it to the bottling bucket before siphoning the beer in to the bottling bucket, gently stirring the whole time I was siphoning. I think I mixed pretty thoroughly, but maybe I’m wrong?

A water bottle isn’t designed to hold pressure. Put this one in the freezer for 20 minutes and then pour into your glass. It will blow if left warm. At least it isn’t a glass bottle risking exploding.

Got it, thanks so much. I guess that should’ve probably occurred to me before using a Dasani bottle. After cooling off and transferring to glass, is it ok to sit out with the others? Seems like I can probably leave them all upstairs where it’s 70-71 too, would you agree? Or should I bring them back down to the basement? Sorry for all the questions…but I’m very grateful for this forum right now!

I’ve used the little spring water bottles for this dozens of times with no problem. Just screwed the cap on tight and it held very well. Last one carbed to about 2.5 vols-no problems. Never had one blow.



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