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Holiday Saison help

Howdy folks,
I’m working up a batch of spicy holiday cheer and need opinions and advice. I’m thinking of adding apple and cranberry extract to a standard saison recipe at bottling. Just a hint of these flavors to create a more “festive” brew. Thanks in advance for input!


I was discussing a similar issue over in the general section, for me involving adding Barenjager honey liqueur to a porter at bottling. My concern was about over carbing my bottles. I have a couple of mason jars of hundred proof apple cinnamon extract I was considering using instead. What was your plan for the extract?

I want to add a small amount (1 to 4 ounces) of apple extract and a few drops of cranberry, nothing overpowering. I want the saison to shine through but a little holiday flavor would be nice. Am I going to taste this small addition?

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