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Hole size for gas line

It dawned on me yesterday that I should drill a hole in the side of my Haier kegerator for a gas line instead of having my 20lb tank inside where an extra keg could go for lagering/carbonating. Could someone tell me what size hole I’d need to drill for a 5/16" ID gas line? I plan to put a 3-way manifold inside. I only have two taps, but a third space for lagers and carbonating would be great. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this a long time ago, guess I didn’t want to modify my keg fridge in anyway. But I figured I might as well…



9/16 but only the hose it’s self will fit.

Thanks. I guess the hose is all I need to fit in the hole. I’m assuming after the hole is drilled, the rough edges should be taped over or something?

There won’t be any room to tape the hole, I never taped mine and I haven’t had any problems in 7 or 8 years that it’s been this way with 2 hoses going through there own holes.

I had 2 other ones that I sold that were done the same way without any issues.

Right on, man! Danke! :cheers:

Probably overkill, but I used a pass-through shank: ... shank.html

with a MFL flare tailpiece on either side: ... 4-mfl.html

Add in the cost of wingnuts, swivel nuts, washers, and oetiker clamps to finish the job and it turns out to be pretty damn pricey. If I had it to do over, I’d probably just do it your way.

You could take your line to the local hardware store and get a rubber grommet to fit the line. Then drill the appropriate size hole for the grommet.

The problem with doing this is it usually is a double wall with foam in between I guess you could install 2 of them one inside and one on the outside but like I said I’ve had no problem in years.

This was suggested to me by a brewing friend and I thought it sounded odd and unnecessary. But, I think I’ll just do what chuck is saying and drill a 9/16" hole for the red 5/16" ID gas hose. Seems most people don’t have 9/16" drill bits, but I’m still waiting to hear from my stepdad about that. Otherwise, I may have to buy one quick on Saturday from Ace.

Don’t hit a refrigerant line.

ditto - don’t hit a refrigerant line. You can drill a small hole first and poke around with a hanger.

Some have mentioned that the CO2 hose can gradually get cut by the edge of the hole. I use grommets to prevent this.

The fridge is chilled by a chiller plate on the back wall of the inside. I’m not worried about hitting a line of any sort.

When I first converted a garage fridge, I had expert guidance telling me to drill a hole in the side of the door and found that is the easiest if any lines would be of question.


I got the hole drilled this weekend. It’s not a very clean cut, but it works. It took some doing to get the gas hose fed through, but it’s a nice tight fit, so hopefully it doesn’t result in too much temperature loss.
Thanks for the help, dudes.

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