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Hipsters and craft beer

Did anyone else post this? Thought it was hilarious.

I thought hipsters drank PBR

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It kinda hit a little close to home. :oops:

There’s a pizza joint in my neighborhood that is really into craft beer. A restaurant which seats probably less than 100 has over 20 taps; which rotate all the time. None of the taps have the major players. --Plus the attached bottle shop has a selection of AT LEAST several hundred different bottles.

The regulars do joke a bit when someone comes in looking for a “readily available” 6-pack.

Still, pretty freaking funny.

Some do…but they are definitely embracing the craft scene more and more now.
…and you thought beer geeks were annoying and pretentious!
You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!

We simply must hid all the craft beer from anyone in where’s waldo glasses and there little sisters jeans…They are attempting to my PBR NOW craft beer?! The madness must stop…

Simply hilarious !

Hahaha, I love it.

Also hits very close to home - being from Portland. I’ve been preached to about beers in similar bars, and it takes all the willpower in the world to keep my mouth shut - because the second I sound interested it will never stop.

The worst is when they pick beers apart and find nonexistent flaws, then attempt to tell you how and why it happened (usually inaccurately).

The sad thing is, this isn’t really all that far off the mark. There was a time was the microbrew revolution was a really great thing, and I still think it is for the most part, but there is more and more pretentious b.s. going on all the time in the “craft beer” world -mostly notably in the area of pricing- and I’m not looking forward to the day when it all implodes… and it will. Nothing good lasts forever, sadly.

Personally, I find calling all small(er) brews “craft” to be hipster in itself.

The thing I find funny is that many “beer drinkers” just drink beer because they like beer. There is a “middle ground” of people who know a little bit more about beer and then there is your upper crust of beer snobs, homebrewers, etc. But with so many craft beers/different beers coming out, that group that “just likes beer” is going to be lost or very uninformed. I suppose the trick is to just drink what you like and just say that you drink it because you like it… don’t try to pretend you know more than you do.

AMEN to that.

Personally I just found this video corny, although I agree with the sentiment. Maybe I should have had some coffee before viewing it.

In case some of you missed it a year or so ago, check out this mini-series of beer geek vids:

Here’s another good one:

…The worst is when they pick beers apart and find nonexistent flaws, then attempt to tell you how and why it happened (usually inaccurately).[/quote]

This may be sig-worthy ^^^ in that how can you be inaccurate in describing a nonexistent flaw?

I know what you meant to say, and I agree, but the way you said it just gave me a chuckle.

thank you. cheers.

Ugg, i know a few people that fit in the hipster category. So annoying talking to them at times. I love it when these people talk about issues or processes in brewing beer and they are completely wrong. I try not to blow them up as that makes me as wrong as them, but i will sometimes politely correct them so that i don’t destroy their wanker ego.

On my snarkier days, it strikes me as a perfectly fitting adjective. Some of my least favorite things about the craft beer scene happen to also be my least favorite things about craft shows.

Dude…that was hilarious…god I hate hipsters.

Hipsters homebrew once, open brew pub with hipster chef. Hipsters drink PBR while brewing massively flawed beer and serve overpriced hipster meals to townsfolk. Hipster friends suck down flawed beer and listen to tattooed, hipster jug band after townsfolk leave their money and go home. Just a local observation.

Seems you must live by me… you have your location wrong.

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