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Hight temp to low temp

I brewed a beer today, and to make room in the freez-menter I kegged my stout that had been in there for 3 weeks. Now I am fermenting and my stout is in the basement and in the mid 70 degrees environment. I have it at 22 PSI. I plan to brew again next weekend, so the stout will be at 22 PSI and mid 70’s for two to 3 weeks. After those beers are done fermenting and I can return the stout keg to the fridge and bring the temp back down to the high 40’s, will there be any problems? Do I just put it in the fridge and drop the pressure accordingly, or will there be any issues?

Once it’s in the keg it’s safe as long as you practiced good sanitation. I brew way more than I can chill. You don’t even need to carbonate your keg just purge it and let it sit. I put kegs on and off all the time. Heck my Oktoberfest sits out for months.

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Cool. Thanks

Cool part is that they still have yeast and are still very slowly working. Keg conditioning if you will. Then when ready to put in the serving aperatice, let it chill, if you do gelatin, then tis the time, then blow the snot out of the keg, a pint or two, and enjoy! sneezles61.

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