Higher OG than suggested Yeast

So I am going to use Wyeast(1945) for the first time. I states it’s good for up to 1.060 OG. My batch will most likely be around 1.065-1.068. Think I’m good? I don’t have a stir plate or anything like that to make a starter in. Just gonna smack and pour(and pray).

How’s the success rate with slightly higher OGs than stated on the yeast?


Are you referring to the instructions on the pack of being enough yeast up to 1.060? You really want a starter at that OG, it’s only enough yeast for 1.050 or so. However, if you aerate well, or better yet use pure O2, it’ll still turn out fine. Worse things have been done in the homebrew world.

It will likely be fine. However I would suggest making a starter for anything over 1.040. Not only to grow yeast but to wake them up.

You don’t need fancy equipment to make a starter. Grab a glass gallon jug of juice and use that. Just give it a little shake when you walk by it.

So it sounds like I could use a growler for the starter…and shake it every so often.

You bet. Don’t even need a stopper just a piece of foil. That’s how it was done for years.

My first couple starters were made in gallon water jugs and shaken whenever possible. I’ve upgraded to glass 1 gallon jugs but I do use a 2 gallon food grade plastic jug for larger starters.

Drink the juice first. :wink:

I actually was able to grab a 2000ml flask from a local shop last night. So used just over 1/2 cup DME and 5 cups of water. Everywhere I went online recommended diff amounts of each. Swirling every once in a while. Hopefully this works and good to go this weekend as I plan to brew 3 Gall batch BIAB.

This is a good starter/pitch rate calculator. You can have fresh, vs. harvested yeast, for your next starter, by using the over build capabilities.


I would also recommend getting a digital scale to weigh your ingredients. Walmart has a nice on for about $20. Great for weighing priming sugars or hops to a tenth of a gram. Also good for weighing ingredients in the kitchen.

Shake the starter wort as often as possible to keep it aerated.