Higher abv%

How would I increase my ABV% in my brew??? any tips???

You can increase it in a few ways.

You can add more Extract
You can use more Grain
You can add some type of Sugar.

Adding more sugar such as table sugar, Honey, etc… will affect the finished product by drying it out as they are 100% fermentable.

Adding more Extract or Grain will boost your abv but wont finish as dry.

what would you recommend? extract or grain?

Well, are you brewing extract, partial mash or all grain?

Depends on how you brew, and what your looking to add to the beer. If you brew extract and are looking to simply boost ABV I’d say just add more Extract. If you want to brew with grain you can learn about that too. There are certain grains that MUST be mashed such as Oats.

the ingredients came in a kit it contained grain and extract so im guessing that, thats partial? or am i wrong? I tasted it before i bottled it and i didnt really like it. it tasted… watery? or not strong enough? definitely need more hoppy flavor to it. and im kinda worried cuz i bottled the beer about 48 hours after co2 release was done in primary, as was the instructions.

Make it four gallons instead of five.

hold up. are you trying to add alcohol to a finished beer? or to your next batch?

how long was it in the primary? you shouldn’t rely on bubbles in the airlock. when the gravity is the same for 3-4 days, then you should bottle it. rule of thumb is to give it AT LEAST 2 weeks in the primary

A better break down of the kit and your process would be very helpful. How much water did you use? What was your ending volume going into the fermenter? How many bottles did you fill.

You giving us a statement that is like going to the mechanic and saying “my car doesn’t work, fix it”. Where does he start? Engine, transmission, tires, breaks. Oh wait, it’s the radio and the fuse is blown.

im not trying to add alcohol, im trying to increase the abv% overall. the analogy with the mech was really clever. the funny thing is i manage an auto shop so it made perfect sense. i thinky my og was at 5 and my fg was at 3 or it was the other way around not so sure i would have to go home and check.

that’s what i meant. by overall do you mean: you are trying to add ‘alcohol by volume’ to your already finished beer? or to your future batches? sorry for the misunderstanding

if you want to add ABV to future batches. extra extract or sugar to the boil will do it. or you could just choose a recipe with a higher ABV.

There are recipe calculators online (and software you can purchase) that you can plug in your ingredients + the extra ingredients. they will tell you how much extract or sugar you need for the desired ABV