High temp tubing and QD's

Long time reader - limited poster. We are finishing up our single tier system, and are looking for feedback for high temp tubing and quick disconnects. I’ve searched around on McMaster-Carr and there are many options. What tubing and QD’s are you guys using to move wort/sparge water/etc thru pumps?

Use the tubing from our host and you can also get the QDs from them also.

http://home-brewing.northernbrewer.com/ ... bing&asug=

This is where I get my quick disconnects http://store.proflowdynamics.com/module … C12074.cfm

I like the thermoplastic tubing. It is flexible and resists kinking very well. I had the polysulphone QD’s but replaced them with a superior QD IMO. The PS QD’s had a radial sealing o-ring and took a bit of care to connect without damaging the o-ring. The SS QD’s have an axial sealing o-ring and are a breeze to connect. They also resist high heat very well.

NB’s QD Page

NB’s Tubing Page

I use the high-temperature thermoplastic tubing from NB, and brass high-temperature coolant QD fittings that I got from McMaster-Carr http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-quick … gs/=jzo601 The QDs work great and are easy to handle with one hand. The only downside is that they get hot (as would SS fittings) so I wear some work gloves when handling them.