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High Mash Temp - Overshot my Gravity

Was attempting to brew a session pale ale (i.e. Bitter American) with a mash temp of 158 and a pre-boil OG of 1.040. I just motorized my mill and I really like how even the crush is that I’m getting as opposed to using a drill attached to my Barley Crusher. Well, I overshot the pre-boil and hit 1.052. I didn’t have room to dilute prior to the boil and forgot to add more water at the end to bring the OG back down.

What kind of beer am I going to end up with. I’m thinking it’s going to be a little too sweet as the yeast (US-05) may not bring it down far enough due to the high mash temp. Am I right, or is there hope for this one.

What’s the hop schedule like?

It’ll be stronger than a session, but in the neighborhood of 5%, which should allow for fairly steady drinking before “problems” arise :wink: .

As for sweetness, I don’t think 05 will make for a sweet beer in and of itself; however, based on what I’ve read (haven’t experimented yet myself), a mash temp of 158 (i.e., fairly high) will result in a less fermentable wort/higher FG. That might actually help push the beer down towards session strength, though how much I’m not sure. If the hop schedule was at least moderate, I doubt it will be overly sweet.

For reference

FWIW, when I brewed the Phat Tyre extract kit, I used third gen US-05. My OG was 1.052 and my FG was 1.014, making for 4.92% ABV.

I’m not sure how many unfermentables are in the extract in the Phat Tyre kit, but the beer doesn’t seem overly sweet. Actually, it came out quite hoppy compared with the commercial version, as I did a full boil.

Assuming were doing the BYO recipe or something close you’ll be fine as that is a 42 IBU beer which is plenty for the OG you actually ended up with. Won’t be exactly what you were shooting for but it should still make for a fine Pale Ale.

You can still dilute with cool water. I’d do it, otherwise you’ll have a slightly sweet pale ale.

Just checked the fermenter. It’s actively fermenting. Can I still add water during fermentation?

You may have thought of it but realize by thinning out the beer to get your gravity down is also going to drop your IBU’s as you are thinning out the beer.

Personally, I’d leave it be and chalk it up as a reason to brew again soon so you can get it “right” :wink:

I’m going to let it run it’s course and see what happens. Then I’m going to brew again in two weeks. Not the same beer, but I’ll definitely be adjusting my efficiency upwards on this one.

Thanks for the feedback.

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