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High final gravity - aeration

Hey all. I tried to brew a high abv amber ale. My OG was 1.07 but my fg is right around 1.028. Mash temp was right on. Pitch temp right on. Not a lot of non fermentables. Used two packs of us05 that I rehydrated. No issues previously with this yeast. Ferment temp was consistent.

Here’s a theory I’d like input on. I wonder if my oxygen level might be insufficient. I currently use the pour back and forth approach. This has worked fine for lower abv beers where I’ve gotten nicely below 1.02 OG.

Anyway, I haven’t been able to solve this problem now with two different batches. Much appreciate any input and advice.

Not alot of information given. How long has it been fermenting? Maybe it’s not done. High gravity beer takes a bit longer. How are you caring for fermenation?

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My dopplebock starts around 1.071 and finishes 1.027. I shake to aerate or pump into the fermenter with the hose a few feet above the opening so it splashes

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Only way to see if you did reach your target fg. Take a grav sample over several days. If fg stays the same you beer is done. For high grav beers. You might want to try yeastnutrient. As well. I do use a oxygen system as well. To feed my wort some extra. Oxygen. Before i pitch my yeast.

Thanks. I bought an aeration system because of this and I will see how it goes. I think I hit the mark on all other issues - mash temp, yeast health etc, pitch and ferment temps. for me, it ends up being process of elimination in troubleshooting issues. The problem with that is it can Sometimes take months to figure things out.

I checked at 10 days and again at 14 with no movement. I rousted the yeast at 10 days. From what I can tell, I hit all other key metrics. The ferment has been steady 68. So my plan is to start using an aeration pump and see if that makes a difference on high gravity brews. Like I mentioned, I haven’t had issues with lower gravity wort. Only other thing I can think of is pitch rate. I used 2 packs of 05. Did not use a nutrient though…

For what its worth, I’ve had good success with big beers by injecting pure oxygen for 45 to 60 seconds immediately before pitching. Our host sells this kit now. I have the previous version 2.0, but the high pressure gauge in 3.0 would be a nice plus.

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