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High FG help!

I brewed up a double ipa. Hit 1.089 for OG. Made a 1L starter 3 days prior, aerated well, and used wyeast nutrient added in the boil. I live in a basement apt and it can get fairly cool in the winter months. Fermentation kicked off good with no problems. But after two weeks in the fermenter I checked the temp and it was at 61. I used 1056 and I know thats on the low end of the temp range for that strain. So I took a reading and its at 1.028. That freaked me out a bit. So I took the plunge and built my own temp controlled vessel with foam insulation board and a temp controller. I roused the yeast up shaking the bucket a bit and warmed it up to 70 for 2 days. Took a reading and its at 1.027 now. I’m expecting a high fg due to the high og but 1.027 seems too high to me. I taste tested and its definitley too sweet for my liking. Any suggestions? I’d like to see it hit at least 1.023. Am I just stuck with a high fg? Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Edit: I forgot to mention: mash temp was 152 for 60min also added 2lbs corn sugar to have a lighter body and dry it out some.

4 gravity points isn’t going to make a world of difference to the taste. I’d guess that it’s done. Are you sure your thermometer was accurate? Did you use much crystal malt?

Have you calibrated the hydrometer?

@Denny I did use a pound of caramel 40(which i know is on the high end) My malt bill was 12.75lbs Golden Promise 1lbC40 and 2lbs Sugar. And yes my thermometer is accurate.

@a10t2 I haven’t done that and that may be my issue so I will look into doing that this evening.

Thanks for the help guys.

Well, I don’t see anything out of line in your grist bill.

Ok, again thanks for the input. I spose I’m just going to have a 1.027IIPA ha. I did let it sit in the primary for 3wks before I transferred it to make sure it was done. Either way I’m sure my buddies will love it.

With that high of an og would maybe a 2liter starter be more appropriate or at least a stepped up starter?

@dsidab81 I agree with you on that note. If I brew this one again I will definitley be making a 2L starter on a stir plate. I know the beer will be fine just wanted it to finish out as much as possible.

Dry hopping may be in order to balance the sweetness.

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