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Hi Kids

What’s on tap? Just racked an all Simcoe APA today. Brewing an American Wheat tomorrow

well, thanks for the compliment, i haven’t been called a kid for 40 years or more :lol:
i have a bock, ipa, esb,brown ale, stout and a second runnings stout from a ris on tap.

I’m enjoying a British Style IPA (kegged) at the moment…and in another keg, I have an Irish Red Ale…Honey Wheat in the fermenter…

Carbing up a Belma Pale Ale (first time using this hop so it should be interesting) and a Chocolate Bock. Just kicked an Irish Red and a Dunklewiezen.

Currently on tap is an IIPA

Bittered with Magnum
late hopped with Falconer flights
dry hopped with Citra
Irish stout pale ale malt with some Patagonia crystal 55L, and a touch of Carafa II (for red color).
OG: 1.075
FG: 1.007

9% ABV

Tallgrass Halcyon wheat on tap
Raspberry wheat in the fermenter
Belgian Triple aging (placing it on tap in June after 8 months of aging)
Oktoberfest still at the store to be bought.

sigh- wish I had taps…
But, in bottles and drinking= Winter spice, Honey Ginger Wheat, Irish Red, Oktoberfest, Special Bitter, Honey Porter, Cascadian Dark Lager, Cider, Cherry mocha stout, Double Alt
In bottles conditioning= Wayne’s Blue Moon
In fermenters= John Palmer’s Elevenes, Summer Cream ale

On tap:

Black IPA or whatever it’s called
Plain Ale, some call it Cream Ale
Glacier Pale Ale, I don’t think I like Glacier hops


10 gallons of Amber Ale
Barleywine, bottling it in a month or so

I have a couple more batches to brew before summer, probably another Black IPA and a Wheat. I’m ready to golf, fish, camp, etc. and put the brewing aside.

on tap: spiced red ale (hurray for my first keg!!!)
double ipa is dry hopping.
cardamom cream ale is bottle conditioning.
fake pils (used kolsch yeast because no fridge) in bottles being drunk.
gingermead is aging.
pear wine is ready to be racked last time before bottling.

i need a bigger beer cave!


[quote=“eponai”]fake pils (used kolsch yeast because no fridge)[/quote]Nothing wrong with a fake Pils, the Cali common yeast works well for those too.

Bottle conditioning:
Wee Heavy
Honey Weizen

Belgian Extra Strong (1.092)
Dead Ringer

Imperial Stout

On deck:
Petite Orange (5/11)
Elevenses Brown (5/18)

  • Zombie Dust clone getting cracked tomorrow
  • Irish Red
  • American Wheat with Chinese Tea
  • Cream Ale
  • Zythos APA
  • Black IPA

How’s that Simcoe APA? I have some Simcoe I’ve been trying to decide what to do with.

Only two taps for me: RyePA and cream ale.
Bottled: IPA, brown ale, stout, peppermint stout, firecrotch wheat, amber ale, blonde ale, and several “un-named experiments”

[quote=“TeamTuna06”]- Zombie Dust clone getting cracked tomorrow

  • American Wheat with Chinese Tea

wheat with chinese tea? color me intrigued!

Just tapped the SS Minnow kit from NB. So far, so good.

Just kegged-to-secondary a Two Hearted clone and a Kilkenny clone (for a friend). I have a maibock going through a three day diacetyl rest before a six week lager.

Adding three more beers to the blend this weekend.

Bottle conditioning an APA (first brew) right now.

Scheduled a Reissdorf Kolsch for next week. I hope it goes well.

On tap currently:
Cocoa stout
Glacier/Centennial APA
Amarillo/Cascade APA
Irish stout

Dry hop:
“White” American IPA

Glacier hoppy wheat

Funny thing: I do not like the Glacier/Centennial APA, but all my friends do. Had a bunch of guys over last weekend and a BMC guy drank the crap out of it and couldn’t stop talking about it the next day. Strange.

On tap:
Irish Blonde Ale
Irish Red Ale

Drinking from bottles:
Dry Stout
Rye Porter
Black IPA just bottled

Just brewed Patersbier for summer and plan to rack the Number 8 onto it’s yeast cake when it finishes.

Cali Common is bottle conditioned and I have been drinking it for a couple weeks now. It is by far the best beer I have brewed so far. Just keeps getting better.

I have an APA that I am bottling tomorrow (tonight maybe?) The samples I have taken have been great. I bittered with 1oz Northern Brewer, did 0.5oz of Us Golding at both 15 minutes & 5 minutes and there has been 1oz of Simcoe dry hopping in the secondary for 7 days now. It is kind of a strange hop mix but I was going for spicy/piney/dank & that is exactly what I have gotten. I am excited to get this one carbed up.

Fermenting American Wheat extract kit in my first one gallon batch. Brewing my own recipe for the first time tonite… Belgian Whit using same basic recipe for the American Wheat but with Hallertauer hops and some White Labs Belgian Wit yeast. One gallon batch… wish me luck.

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