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Hi all. New the forum

Hello Everyone. My Name is Clint and Im from western Iowa, My wife bought me a homebrew kit a couple years ago for christmas and Ive used it quite often. It is a Mr. Beer set up. Not sure if thats a good or bad thing but Ive gotten good results thus far. From pale ales, red ales and a great rasberry wheat. Id like to give it a go without haveing to buy their extracts and yeast everytime as Im curious how well I could do by makeing it from the beginning, Its a 2 gallon fermenter so I don’t have the foggiest Idea How much grain/malted barly to boil for the malt, And how much Yeast to use, Any Help is very greatly Appreciated, Thanks for reading,


SO if youre looking to go all grain, keep reading the stuff on this forum. Lots of good knowledge. Also youre going to need some more equipment. The host of this forum, Northern Brewer, has some really solid stuff you can purchase.

Welcome! And yes, you will need some more equipment and a bigger fermentor. 2 gallons isn’t even worth the trouble, IMHO. Our host has good kits and craig’s list is a great source for used equipment. Also, finding a home brew club in your area is a great idea.


If you want to continue making small (2 gallon) batches and dive into brewing with all-grain you should do some research on BIAB (Brew in a Bag). You can do this on your stove top with a four gallon pot which will give you a good introduction to all-grain brewing without having to buy a ton more equipment.

You have a lot of research to do to get started all-grain brewing but if you use this method you basically get some crushed grain, put it in the bag, put that in your pot with water somewhere around 150*, let it sit for an hour to extract the sugars and then remove the grain bag and bring to a boil for an hour while adding hops.

Thanks guys. Looks like Ive got my homework cut out for me. And some shopping to do. I’d better get to reading.

I am using a MRbeer kit right know (well just bottled my last one) the guys i brew with use NB recipes so i joined here because they have good stuff. Do your homework and enjoy better beer!

Read Palmer’s book How To Brew, an early edition is available free online.

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