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Hey Yoopers and 'Sconnys I need help

Okay so I should probably have posted this on the Commercial Beer forum but I thought of this late and need an answer quick.

I’m going to be traveling through west central Wisconsin to the far western UP of Michigan (Porupine Mts) and am wondering if there are any regional breweries that sell only in each state. New Glarus in WI sells only in Wisconsin. Any others like that in either state?

I’d like to sit on the shore of Gitcheegammee and sample regional taste.



You could try some KBC beer while you are in the UP, its brewed in houghton.

There are several wi breweries you could try. Pearl Street made in LaCrosse, Tyranena made in lake mills, lake louie made in arena, ale asylum made in madison to name a few.

Also Central Waters, Capitol Brewery, Lakefront, Milwaukee Brewing Company, and central Plains, to name a few in Sconnie.

I agree about the KBC beer (Keweenaw Brewing Company), it has been many years since I had it, but it is really great. Where are you going in the Yoop? If you get up to Houghton, you should go to the Douglass house Saloon (the dog) and have a KBC brew and a pickled egg.

Furthermore Beer is another small one to keep an eye out for in WI.

If you head a bit more East in the UP to Tahquamenon Falls there is a Micro brew right in the park at the upper falls. I haven’t ever tried the beer. But that falls are very nice.

My family has a place in the Eastern part of the UP and I love getting the chance to visit Superior. I have yet to go to the Porcupines, but I would really like to.

Have a good trip

(The Ojibwe word is “Gichigami”. Longfellow and light foot called it “Gitche Gumee”.) :neutral:

Thanks all. I usually have a hard copy of Great Lakes Brewing News and they have a great maps of each lake border state showing breweries and brewpubs but I haven’t been to my local bottle shop in awhile. The house librarian/maid tossed my latest issue. I don’t need another online publication. :wink:

Besides, I figured information from the “troops” on the ground is better.

We have spent many, many years exploring and staying the Minnesota shore of Ol’ Gitch but have for the last few years been checking out the Wisconsin shore, now just going up by Silver City in Michigan.

Thanks again!
VK :cheers:

Take a look for Oso Brewery in Plover. They have some decent and unique beers too.

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