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Hey look...more questions

I have a few more questions for my noob self. Ok so I took a shot in the dark and tried brewing an amber ale without a set recipe. I followed all grain recipe guidelines but not a certain one. Anyway it’s a 1 gal batch, I mashed in at 160 and thought the temp would drop to 153ish where it needed to be but it didn’t it actually got warmer to 165 170 in certain spots after I turned off the heat. It cooled down along the hour but is that going to throw off conversion? The reason I ask is I set the fermentation at 68 which I currently is and it’s bubbling slowly but no Krausen at all. It’s only been 18 hours so I may give it more time. I used American Ale yeast and half a packet which is probably more than needed for my 1 gal

Sorry didn’t even ask my question, will this pick up soon? Also can you save dry yeast ?

Did you take a pre and/or post boil gravity reading? That will tell you if you had any conversion.

After mashing that high, It will likely have a sweet finish, but without knowing the original gravity, we can’t tell you much more than that.

Was this on an electric stove top? If so, remove from heat (move to unused burner) once you hit your target temp. Those electric stoves retain and continue to transfer a bit of heat after they’re turned off.

Edit: To answer your question(s): Patience. 18 hours is nothing, but a 1/2 pack of yeast will take care of it in no time. I personally don’t think it’s worth the risk to save dry yeast, but I know others have.

Still no gravit readings, I fly blind on those honestly. Just haven’t picked up a refractometer yet. Also yes electric stove top and I didn’t think to move burners. So it won’t affect the yeast though? I’m worried the yeast won’t eat anything and I won’t get fermentation. Honestly I’m probably overthinking it and check it tonight to see if it’s working more.

If there was conversion, and there is something in there for the yeast to eat, they’ll do the job. Especially a half pack of dry yeast; a full pack is typically intended for 5 gallons.

Without knowing the gravity, you won’t know how much is in there for the yeast to eat & when they’re finished, and what your potential ABV will be.

How many pounds was your malt bill, and what malts? Maybe we can get to a close estimate.

About 2 lbs,
20.8 oz 2 row
3.2oz caramel 60
3.5oz Munich
3.1oz special roast

In the calculator it should’ve been 1.043 og and 1.010 fg

I don’t think you’ll get to 1.010 with that high of a mash temp. Maybe 1.018. You’ll have a low ABV, full bodied, malty/sweet beer.

Actually that sounds great. The abv on this was only supposed to be like 4ish so wasn’t lookin for an imperial lol. Just trying to clone a recipe with a barebones idea. Also put in .3 oz cascade hops at 60 min and .2oz mosaic at 15 mins. Added a quarter of a whirfloc tab at 10 mins. This is my first time using those for clarity. Will that affect anything?

I use whirlfloc or irish moss in every batch. It won’t affect your yeast or fermentation.

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You say you have some action going on, so you did convert starch into sugar!! Relax… I’m glad you did one from scratch… Sneezles61

Yeah I needed to relax, after about 24 hours it picked up big time, no blowout but good movement in there

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Refractometer/hydrometer… they are for the curious… Mainly… how much sugar is really in there… and, is there any left… Don’t worry now… On your wishlist? Eh?.. Sneezles61

Well I have a hydrometer but I don’t really want to waste that much beer with my current 1 gal setup. I could get a refractometer but yes it’s on my wishlist

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Refractometer work stupendously with brew day readings… Finished, well I won’t use one then… I wonder if your container will allow a hydrometer to just be dropped in for a reading… Well sanitized of course… Sneezles61

Quick question. So I’m using half a packet of yeast on these 1 gal batches, can I keep the remaining yeast sealed in the fridge or do I get rid of it?


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