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Here we go

Cook my first batch this morning, must say I love love love the smell of the hops cooking. My OG was 1.060 and I couldn’t resist straying from the recipe. One question i had was what’s a good average time to chill the wort without a chiller?

i used to chill 2.5 gal in ice water. 20 min. about. check the temp

Ok my time was about 5 minutesin 10 gal of ice water

I use a 15 or 20 gallon round plastic laundry basket that doesn’t have holes. I use two large bags of ice through the process of cooling my 4 gallons of wort. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to cool 4 gallons of wort with the ice water bath. I try to stir the wort in the opposite direction that I stir the ice water bath. I only have the thermometer that came with my turkey fryer which only goes down to 100 degrees. Once it drops below 100 (what I assume is about 85 - 90 degrees) I dump the wort into my fermenting bucket, which has a sanitized 5 gallon paint strainer attached. After straining all the liquid from the strainer, I top off with refrigerated spring water which takes me automatically down to the pitching temps. The hard pour from kettle to fermenter is 'my way of introducing oxygen. After top off I stir with a sanitized spoon and then pitch my yeast. Done deal.

I as well just started back brewing… Drinking my first batch “Bitchy Blonde” after not brewing for years. Really good to drink while watching the hockey playoffs! Love being back to homebrewing! I also have just brewed “Periscope Porter” and a dark red amber yet to be named.

Can’t tell where you’re from but GO CAPS! Hope they beat Boston on Wed night! :mrgreen:

Can’t tell where you’re from but GO CAPS! Hope they beat Boston on Wed night! :mrgreen: [/quote]



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