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Here is yeast in your in eye

So, fun night, first time using a smack pack for a yeast starter. Smacked the yeast starter, thought it broke the nutrient pack. Boil my DME, let it cool, open the smack pack and oh look there, nutrient pack wasn’t broken. My great idea was to go ahead and push against the bag to break the nutrient pack, well I did, and had a good amount of yeast shoot into my face, fun times. Initially I was a bit irate, but then I started laughing, whatever. I didn’t lose too much yeast, so I clipped the bag than waited a few and pitched. Just ordered two more smack packs in case it doesn’t work when I go to brew next week.

Next time if it doesn’t pop don’t worry about it. The nutrient pack is only there to inform you that the yeast is alive. It’s not necessary for your beer.

Read up on making starters. That’s the best way to pitch appropriate amounts of yeast

They are probably in your eye right now brewing up a EYEPA.

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