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Help with rye and fruit recipe

I am planning on making a blackberry rye ale soon. I Have never come up with my own recipe before.
I want a beery that isn’t bitter. I want it to have a fruity aroma flavor, but I also want it to have a the dry, spiciness of the rye. This is what I was thinking. Any suggestions or criticism would be helpful.

It’s going to be and extract batch as I do not have the equipment or skills to do all grain yet.

6 Lbs. rye extract
3.5 Lbs. munich extract
1 Lbs. rye steeping
.5 oz Amarillo 15mins.
1 oz citra 15mins.
3 pints blackberries after cool down in fermentor.

I have used a couple online calculators and they seem to suggest that this would work for what I want.

I forgot to mention that I was planning on using the Wyeast 1007 German Ale yeast.

Rye malt needs to be mashed but has enough enzymes to convert itself in the mash. If you’re using flaked rye, you need to add some pale malt to the mash to convert it.

I made the beer, The recipe above was suppose to say 3 Lbs. of blackberries. It tastes good, but has none of the berry flavor or aroma that I wanted. Also I didn’t get very good attenuation, but I used yeast nutrient. Any thoughts?

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