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Help with PaintBall tank and corny keg

I am trying to create a small portable CO2 system for my 3g portable keg system, for camping.
For several years I have been using the hand held trigger thing, like the ones you use to refill Bike tires.

I hate it.
So I bought the 20oz Paintball tank, the standard adapter which will depress the valve, and a mini regulator. The mini regulator I found is the one that takes the 16g co2 bulbs, so the inlet is that thread. That is the connection I need to figure out, how to get it to connect to the paintball tank. Any ideas??

Take the c02 tank to lows and buy quik disconectors what they do use for. Gas welding. The threat is the same as a small oxygen bottle

It has a hose/tubing? Cut it and splice the gas side to your keg… You would just hook up and crack the valve briefly to apply gas… Sneezles61

The 16g cartridges are 3/8-24 thread. I believe a couple online retailers have mini-regulator conversion kits for paintball tanks.

There is no tubing on this. this is the one I have

So I need to be able to go from the Paintball tank into this mini regulator. I have scoured the web and I cant find anyone who sells an appropriate adapter. Any ideas? Surely I can’t be the only person who has wanted to use the Paintball tank in this way?

Looks as though you will need to go back to brew hard ware and get the appropriate tank(s) that work on those threads… Sneezles61

I would just use the trigger type. the beer is already carbonated you just need to just give it a burst when it stops pouring. I mount a tap faucet no hose right on the post. Everything is attached to the keg and it fits in a cooler or bucket. I also use the 3 gallon kegs for travelers. Release all the pressure then a couple bursts until it pours. Slow pour = no foam. I actually bought the paintball tank adapter setup never found the need.

I’m not familiar with paint ball tanks, so you’d need to measure and confirm, but I’m seeing reports the threads are 5/8"-18 UNF? It that is the case you’d need a 3/8-24 UNF Male to 5/8-18 UNF Female adapter. Doesn’t sound like an off-the-shelf fitting to me.

What is the “standard adapter” you refer to in your original post?

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