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Help with NB Mojito Seltzer recipe

I started a batch of Mojito seltzer on Sunday. I pitched the yeast when the temp was about 70 degrees and I’ve added the yeast nutrient at 24 and 48 hours. I’m due to add the 3rd one this evening. I’m using a big mouth bubbler so I can see what’s going on. Basically, nothing is going on. There’s no activity in the airlock and only a couple of bubbles on the surface. Does fermentation take this long to start? Room temp is about 67 degrees.

Did you take a gravity reading prior to fermentation?

No, I broke my hydrometer and haven’t replaced it.

Is this a kit? Do you know the estimated starting gravity? What yeast? (sorry, the more info the better for us to help troubleshoot)

Yes, it’s the NB Mojito seltzer kit. It came with Lalvin EC-1118 dry yeast.

That kit has an estimated starting gravity of 1.035, and you’re pitching a dry wine yeast as well as nutrient.

My bet is it ripped through it pretty quick, and you didn’t even notice. Go ahead and add your nutrient, and maybe get a hydrometer in the meantime so you can take a gravity reading in a few days. It should finish in the 0.9xx range to get to that 5.5% ABV.


If you get a hydrometer and it appears to have not fermented out, at least you know NB will replace it for free. :wink:

I use that yeast for my ciders. Ive gotten to the point, I I drop my sanitized hydrometer right in to the fermenter… I can keep eye on it when my other tilt gizmo is used somewhere else…

OK, so I purchased another hydrometer, broke it while sanitizing it, ordered yet another hydrometer, and took a reading of 1.012 today. If my math is correct, that means I’m somewhere in the neighborhood of 3.0% ABV. I guess I just need to be patient and wait for it to get down to .09. Just seems like an awfully slow fermentation being that I’m already 4 weeks in. It smelled very yeasty when I took the top off the bigmouth bubbler.


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