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Help with my cider please

I am new here and also new to making my own cider…How long do I have to let the cider ferment so as it will not be like a wine? I remember when I was a kid my grandmother used to say it got the bee’s in it…Anyway…I am not using any yeast,except for what is on the fruit…I used 1 cup of sugar per gallon plus threw in some raisins for more yeast…Some of what I have made is very dry and I do not want this…What should I do to stop the dry wine taste? I would like my grandkids to enjoy some of the cider as well…And what do I need to do to make a fizz in it,without worrying about the bottles popping the corks out…Or is it better to store in glass jugs with a screw cap…I hear so much I get totally confused,so I thought I would check in here…Thanks…John

Welcome to the forum!

Wild yeast can be unpredictable and hard to replicate consistent results from batch to batch.
IME for cider its best to keep the OG in the range of 1.050-1.060.
I usually rack my cider when SG has dropped to close to 1.020 and then let it finish.

If you are wanting a cider that is not bone dry and wanting to carb, your best bet will be to let it finish and then add a nonfermentable sugar to your batch to backsweeten. Lactose works well. Start with a 1/2lb per 5gal, if you need more add a bit more. Then, use a priming calc. and prime your cider with sugar at bottling to carb.

what is the OG never heard of it befor and have not seen it in any of the books I have read about making cider…I know the PG I have a hydrometer…

I was referring to your “original gravity”(OG) reading. Which is the specific gravity(SG) before fermentation. You will also see “final gravity”(FG). Which is the specific gravity when it is finished fermenting.

Thanks for clearing that up for me or no doubt I would have been lost in space,so to speak…

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