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Help with Mead recipe

Can someone give me an estimated amount of time that a fermenting mead wort will drop 4-6 points, and then 4-6 again?

I recently followed efullers Vikings blod clone recipe. I did not get specific gravity at the start. It is fermenting nicely, but I have no way of knowing when the brix reading drops 4-6 points (at which time I need to add more honey).( 2 times)

It is a 2 gallon batch with 6lbs of honey (plus hops hibiscus etc). I added yeast nutrient when I pitched the yeast.

I know it can vary and I am not looking for anyone to make a spot on prediction. I just need some guidance on how to do this now that I am going without readings.

Thank you

Was is the targeted ABV on this recipe? There is no standard answer because yeast health has so many variables. It would be like guessing how fast a random unseen person could run a mile. If the fermentation looks like it has slowed then add some more honey. You do not want the yeast to fall out of suspension as you feed the fermentation.

Thank you for the information. By the way an estimated time that a random person would run a mile is 12 minutes.

Lol, but where would they be their fittest and most active and most in need of honey?

I would add all the honey at the begining of the run. As far as the mead I do the same thing. If you want to add in stages I would add it on the first rack which is usually about a week in.

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Brew cat thank you for those estimates I was looking for.

Fitness would not change. It is more of a long term measurement. Activity would be greatest at the start, slow down, with a possible increase from the nadir towards the end. Honey? At any time.

That’s my estimate.

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