Help with first competition

My home brew club has their annual Real Ale competition in two weeks. I brewed three beers that I am considering entering. Innkeeper (ish), an ESB and an attempt to clone Atlantic Brewing’s Real Ale.

I cannot decide whether to enter one or two and I am having angst about giving up my babies. Anyway, I have never entered beer into a competition. Any advice?

I would enter two or all three. Always fun to read the feedback.
IME judges do not like you to push the limits of the style guidelines. Although, IPA’s on the high end of the IBU’s seem to do well.

Problem is, it is a keg competition and being “Real Ale”, they are serving with beer engines, ie, beer is only good for 1 day.

Minimum submission is two gallons, so I could transfer to a couple smaller kegs I have. They expect over 55 entries and maybe 200 people show up. That is a lot of beer!