Help with cinnnamon and orange peel

In the process of boiling wort and added cinnamon stick and orange peel per my LHBS extract kit. However not sure if I am supposed to strain both out before going into primary or not. Added them at 5 min boil left.

Thanks for your response

From the NB spice kit:

"For a more subdued effect, place spices in a mesh bag and
add to the kettle during the last 5-15 minutes of the boil;
or, for a stronger effect, place them in a mesh bag and
steep for 1 week in secondary.:

So if you boiled it, I would pull them out at cooling (with sanitized tools obviously) or strain them out with the hops/trub when the beer has cooled.

Just my guess though.

ok thanks! I will pull then out when I strain. Tried calling the proprietor of my LHBS but no answer. Live and let learn I suppose