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Help with cans!

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  • We are entering the world of canning at ORBC. There are many options that we are looking it. However, at the end of the day there are 12oz and 16oz cans. So I came to the beer experts!
    Please help me understand what the beer size can you prefer!
  • 12oz Cans
  • 16oz Cans

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Thanks all who participate

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More beer is always better!

Pounders rule!

My take… 12’s are OK… Seem small (leave them for the soda pop drinkers)… Crowlers are to big to drink from (these are great for a BIG brew where peeps can pour snits). The pounder, ahhhh fits very nicely in my top pockets of my CPO and they drink very nicely… Well balanced manly man sorta thing…
PS, I suppose you didn’t need extra BS?

The problem with 16 for me is if I finish it I’m done unless I split it. When I’m trying new stuff I’ll buy an assortment of 12s and we split them and try a bunch

12’s are good for me because no one else in my house drinks beer (or anything stronger than soda). Like Cat if I have a 16, I’m done. We have a local brewery that makes an 8% stout that I love and they only sell it in 16’s. I’d buy it all day if they’d sell it in 8’s. I usually keep a glass bottle with a screw on top handy to save half for a day or two. PIA.


I’d be more inclined to purchase multiple 4 packs of 16 oz beers then multiple 6 packs of 12 oz. Just my opinion.

16 Oz doesn’t fit in most of the glasses I have so there’s always a bit more in the can. Less convenient.

Perfect size for me. Never impressed with cape cod beer but a nice little glass. “Vacation in every pint” I’ll drink to that

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Is that book keeping your brew from being light struck?

Just curious what brand of canner did you get. I can also tell you that the 16 oz are a pain have to adjust the canner the twist rinse and pak-tek. Also if you got a depalletizer for the cans you got to adjust it too.

We haven’t ordered through any manufacturer yet. We are weighing our options.

16 started strong but the 12 looks to be gaining. Another thing is people are more apt to drop more money on a sixer than a four even though it’s only 8oz more.

I disagree. People line up around the block hours before can releases at Other Half. They exclusively release their cans in 16oz. @loopie_beer they also do a hearty business at the same time selling bags for people to carry their cans home in. They have what looks like really nice insulated tote bags with their logo on them. I can always tell when there is a can release because I see people on the subways with them.

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That’s Brooklyn Hipsters

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A lot of the trending craft brewers have embraced the half quart can: Heady, Treehouse, Trillium, Other half, Hoof Hearted, Surly, Lawson’s, Toppling Goliath…And on and on. Friday At a craft beer focused beer store I noticed a flood of new 16 ounce canned products, especially IPAs. 16 ounce cans have been around awhile…1930s…

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It depends on the beer, but a high ABV beer in 16 oz is nice to share, and a low ABV beer 16 oz if nice for one person…

I like to grab a 6 er before going fishing or camping. 16 oz is cool but it always gets warm before I get through it.

I agree, definitely situational. Packing in 12 ouncers is easier than pounders from the weight and shape to a camp site. I will say the yeti can cozies keep beer cold.
Here in the south they had tried to go the other way with 7,8,10, even 11 Ounce sizes but none of those have hung on. Drank a lot of 8 ounce Country Club malt liquors and Pearls back in the day…and then there was the iconic

Ha ha! I forgot about the mini-Millers we used to pound. Good memory! My 2 cents is I like the pint sized versions, especially in craft since the breweries around here are a bit of a trip to get to.

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