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Help with Buffalo Sweat partial mash kit fermentation

It will be better in another 10 days or so, and in 2-3 months it will be even better.


@JerryP , where are you storing your bottles? Try to be sure and keep them a bit above cellar temps to help promote carbonation, shoot for upper 60’s - low 70’s. When I bottled, I kept them in my dining room in a tupperware container right by the thermostat, warmest place in my house. :innocent: They’ll carb better above 65.


I’m keeping the bottles in my main floor laundry room in cases next to a furnace vent. We keep our house at 67 degrees so I think the temp should be ok. I expected winter to be a bit more challenging for bottle conditioning. Thanks for your response.

Do you have a heating pad? Try put the brews on top of that with a cover and wait a few days… maybe a week? Sneezles61

Week 2 in the bottle. Definitely more carbonated and much smoother than the one I tried last week. We’re having a homebrew battle at work next Friday and this is my entry. I’m hoping for even more improvement by then.

worried: that looks flat

I took the pic a few minutes after I poured it. I added 4 brewer’s tabs to each bottle for carbonation so I’m hoping for a medium carbonation level.

Yeah… that looks flat… try gently turn them over a few times… try get the yeast and sugar into solution… keep it warm too. Sneezles61

Here is what you do. Buy a good craft beer you like in a bottle and soak off the label. Make your own label and put it on instead.

That is devious! No way would I put my label on an inferior beer! NO WAY! Sneezles61


The final product. Man, this stuff is soooooooo good!



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