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Help with brewery

So last night. Had nice meeting with the other brewer on bonaire. Gonna help him. To brew one day a week. The other day will be my own brew day at my house. With my buddy. The cool part brewing on my terms. He has a 60 liter. System. For brewing. We gonna do 3 beers a day. Now my concern. Will be on the amount of yeast i need to use. On a 60 liter batch. Think about contacting. Yeast bay. About. Comercial yeast. Guys. Help me on the amount. Of starter i need to make. Or. Will comercial. Yeast be ready to pitch

Are you going to do extract? Breweries generally repitch yeast. I don’t know how your yeast will come but I would start a five gallon batch then through all 15 gallons on’t that and start harvesting your house yeast.

Danstar has 500 gram bricks available if you are not going to use liquid yeast. Liquid yeast manufacturers would most likely have large quantities also. May need to set up a lab when you get to harvesting yeast to assure the yeast is not contaminated before pitching.

Friend of mine has a brewery, he gets Big pouches of wyeast yeast, big enough to just pitch. Gets it by the pallet.

This i good idea. Its for the brewery. Where i am gonna brew. On my days off. Its all grain brewing. At home i do stick to the. 5 gallon batches. And use. kveik yeast.

No all grain brewing.

Yeast Bay sells commercial pitches in whatever size you want. It’s pricey, so I’d suggest re-using the yeast for a few generations before starting with a fresh culture. Kveik should have no issues with maintaining purity for lots and lots of generations as it tends to outcompete pretty much everything.

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I’m also wondering if you could use your personal brews as “yeast starters” for his.

Without doing the maths… it seems like a healthy 5-gallon yeast cake would be about right for a low-to-mid-gravity 15 gallon batch.

You could then step-up from there for a higher gravity batch.


I’m all about repitching yeast. Your just not going to get fresher or more robust yeast from mail order.

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@jmck great minds think a like. I was going to write that but had to put my son to bed! I would make the owner buy the yeast! If I remember correctly he doesn’t have temp control? Kveik would be a good choice for him.

No the owner. Gives me what i want. We been talking about yeast. We be going with. Kviek yeast. But been looking at omega hot ale as well. To keep the fermenting temp. Under control. Gonna give him a list. On what to order. To improve on beer and. Fermenting wise. Till so far he has. Three. Big stainless steel fermentors. But he is willing to buy more. For now its gonna be one day a week. 3 brew sesssions. I made it clear. I need one day for my self. To brew at home. Yes i know. Big batches beer. More. Yeast and calculations. But this wednesday. First brew day at his place. Just put a list together. On what he needs to. Buy. To make a. Yeast starter. Till now he does not make starters.

Me thinks you will be there more than one day a week when it gets going.

For the right price. I will leave my job en start full time there. But got a feeling indeed this will happen this year. Once he got more fermenters in. But still need time to brew at home as well.

Once it becomes work you probably won’t want to brew on your day off. If you want to do small expieremented batches get him to pay for that as well. Got to remain sharp. It’s called continuing education.


Idea i have. Like a stock beer. And creating special. Beers as well. But still will do my own brewing. With my brew buddy.

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Another thing he should look into is building a thermostatically controlled room for his fermentation vessels. He could use a CoolBot to control the temps using a simple window air conditioning unit. This would significantly open up his brewing options.

Indeed… I’m not usually a fan of a crisp, pale, low ABV lager, but if I ever did want one, it would be in a hot, tropical humid environment.


For a stock or “house” beer I would consider something not too wild like a pale ale. It will be a nice beer and not shock Bud Miller Coors crowd. One of my local micros always has their pale ale on tap just for that reason.

Would be fun to see the Bud light drinkers down a Barley wine then roll around on the floor choking though.


[quote=“wilcolandzaat, post:15, topic:23412, full:true”] Like a stock beer. And creating special. Beers as well.

A good crisp czech pils and a vienna lager are a must for your locale IMHO.


I would suggest a rendezvous next winter at Wilcolandzaat’s place! We can show the community support by heading down there and drinking up the brews he’s helping to make! We could crash at his house! Do we need to learn another language ? Help us to mingle better? I could just see this, bunch of beer drinkers/brews wandering about with flash cards so we could understand whats going on! Sneezles61

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