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Help with bitterness

Hey guys I just finished an nepia and it’s my first one. It’s in bottles now still carbing up it’s been two days but, I decided to pop one open and try it but it has a super bitter aftertaste. Could this be because it’s super young? It smells fantastic no off smell at all just super bitter. Any info at all would be much appreciated.

Welcome back ! Hard to say without seeing your recipe. That being said, I find “green” beers can have a tendency to be a bit bitter especially if the hops are featured.

The lack of carbonation can also make it taste more bitter as well. Give it time. After 3 weeks pop one open and if tastes bitter let it bottle age longer.

Thank you glad to be back. This recipe has 8oz of total hops with 4oz being dry hop additions. I’m just still a tad bit to new. Plus it doesn’t help that this was my first all grain batch.

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I think there’s all kinds of comments on here about being patient. The struggle is real… :joy::wink:

Pretty common for NEIPA these days to not have a bittering charge. What was the hop schedule for your original four ounces?

The original 4oz was added during flame out and steeped for 20 mins before chilling to pitch temp. No boil additions

It’s common for NEIPAs that are heavily dry hopped and homebrewed to have a bitter hop taste when they are young and it is typically because you are actually eating/drinking hops. Leave a bottle in the fridge for 3 days and the vegetable matter will fall to the bottom. Pour carefully and you won’t get much of the hops. Do not wait to drink these though. I’d rather drink a bitter but heavenly smelling dry hopped home-brew than one where all that hop aroma has oxidized… and it will most likely. With time you will be able to control both the hops and the oxidation.

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If you want to calculate the bitterness, try this calculator by yakima

Since you did a hop rest at probably greater than 180F for 20 minutes, I would put in 20 minutes for the time.

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