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Help with a recipe(s) please

Hi, this seems like the best section to post this question. A friend of mine decided to get out of brewing and gave me enough hops and containers/bags of extracts for probably 4-5 batches. Due to minimal time, I have generally just been ordering extract kits and following the directions, so I’m not sure how best to put all this together. I know I’ll still need to get at least some yeast, and I would greatly appreciate any input on how to pull these things together. Here’s what he gave me:

Malt Extract:

  • 6lb Briess Sparkling Amber syrup
  • 6lb Briess Golden Light syrup
  • 6lb Briess Bavarian Wheat syrup
  • 6lb Briess Golden Light dry malt extract
  • 1lb Plain Light dry malt extract


  • 5.5oz. Summit
  • 2oz. Columbus
  • 1oz. Glacier
  • 1.5oz. Liberty
  • 2oz. Cascade


  • 2lb Briess Caramel Malt 40L 6 row barley
  • 3lb Wild Flower honey

I’m willing to try anything - the same friend wisely said, “there’s no such thing as a bad beer, just a bad mouth.” Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.

I know that you say you have limited time, but a few suggestions for using your free stuff:
check out recipes in any books that you have & match ingredients as close as possible. Given what you’ve been given to work with, any starter book with extract recipes is an easy start.

Our host, Northern Brewer actually posts their kit recipes on their store site so you don’t actually have to buy the kit out right. Which is really great when you have some or most of the ingredients already. Lots to choose from there.

Great chance to freely substitute (hops) or leave out recipe ingredients (steeping grains) & see what you get.

I didn’t realize that NB posted the recipes. That should get me pointed in the right direction. Thanks!

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