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Help with a multi grain, please

I’m trying to do a multi grain with ingredients I have left from previous brews. Here is what I have as far as main ingredients go and what I was thinking as far as a recipe. Any help would be appreciated.

Mariss Otter I have 4.36 pounds right now…
Flaked Rye I have 2 pounds right now…
White Wheat 1.35 pounds right now…
Roasted Barley.75 pounds currently…I can go to the LHBS if need be to get more
Carmel 40, 60 or Amber Mal. I was thinking about going with the 40

Hops: Saaz, Hallertau, Northdown, Cluster Target, Northern Brewer, Fuggle, Challenger, Perle
I was thinking about going with the Saaz and Fuggle and maybe using Denny’s Fav. yeast.
I realize this is kind of a rough outline of sorts. Thanks in advance.

All the MO and wheat, 0.5 lb of the 40L or 60L, bitter with Challenger and finish with N Brewer. Ought to make a drinkable bitter or ESB depending on your volume and efficiency.

Do you think I could work in the flaked rye some how?

Sure, lots of brewers do rye pale ale, why not a rye bitter? I’m thinking about that one myself. Then a big barleywine on the yeast cake.

You could make a red rye.
4.36 MO
2 flaked rye
1.35 w wheat
2 oz rb
1 lbs of crystal 40 or 60
.75 oz perle or northern brewer @ 60
1 oz fuggle @ 20
1 oz hallertau @ 10

That is sounding really good!!! I think I will probably give that a try. I have never made anything like that before.

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