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Help should I re-pitch?

My in laws bought me a Coffee Porter Brewers Best kit and it came with Nottingham Ale yeast. I didn’t think anything of it but the package felt like a Safale US-05 and it hasn’t really bubbled yet I pitched at 10:30am. I went the my LHBS because I needed to pick up an extra air lock. I also grabbed a new packet of dry yeast. This packet was rock hard which I believe it should be. The package does read vacuum sealed. Should I just re hydrate and pitch new yeast now? I always rehydrate and fermentation usually starts fast. If I re-pitch do I aerate it again?

So it’s been what? 7 hours since you pitched?

You should RDWHAHB for about 41 more hours. Bubbles mean nothing. The yeast are reproducing and will get to work when they’re ready, not on your clock.

Will likely be churning away tomorrow morning when you get up.

I’m concerned that the yeast packet was bad and not vacuum sealed like the new packet I just bought.

I will wait at least 48 hours before doing anything. I realize it doesn’t mean anything to bubble but in my experience my batches always seem to start quick.

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