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Help saving my overcarbed kegs

I kegged a batch Wednesday and put some gas on to start carbing and never noticed a leak in that line. I found out Thursday when my co2 bottle was mysteriously empty. That wasn’t that big of a deal but after getting a refill and pressuring everything back up, I find out today that the 2 beers that were already kegged seem to tremendously overcarbed. I have no idea what happened as they were set just fine prior to the leak. The 2 older beers were running off of my 4 way manifold and the newly kegged beer was on its own line so I could adjust pressures. I’m running 9ft bevlex lines on each and have the psi set at 10 with keezer temp at 37. I have no idea what happened but I’m having a bbq tomor and would like to have all 3 beers ready to serve. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated! If all else fails, I did buy a case of Chillwave and Dirtwolf just to have around.


Could it be that there was still fermentation going on? How long did you wait before transferring the beer to the kegs?

fermentations were definitely done. the said beers have been kegged for over a month and were pouring and drinking nicely until yesterday

Simple yet annoying way would be to vent keg/shake/vent etc. Let stand a few days see where that gets you.

Sometimes I try serving for a day or two into a pitcher on the keg’s own pressure.

Hook a co2 line to your “out” post and push co2 through that in spurts while burping the purge valve. I have done this multiple times to decrease over-carbonation quickly. Its like what you used to do as a kid when you blew bubbles in soda glass. Its fast, but the only downfall is that you have to let it settle for a bit afterwords.

take it out of fridge and slowly start to degas, warmer temps will help it degas.
be very carefull to not oxygenate

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