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Help save my beer

Okay pitched the yeast to warm now my bucket reads high 80s. Been fermenting about 18 hrs. I’m trying to cool things down. It’s a brown ale Caribou slobber. Danstar yeast. Can I do anything to make it drinkable. Maybe an addition.

First move to a cooler place and get temp below 80, preferably at least low 70’s.

If it doesn’t start fermenting, then pitch more yeast.
You might try a swamp cooler - search the term to learn how

Oh it’s fermenting. Started almost right away and really got going after 6 hrs. I’m trying to prevent off tastes if possible

Unfortunately, most of the off-flavor compounds and fusel alcohols(rocket fuel) are produced in the 1st 18-24 hours of fermentation, which is why you want to do your absolute best to keep things cool in that time period.
SOME of those will be successfully cleaned up toward the end of fermentation, but not all. It’s actually beneficial to warm things up toward the end of fermentation to pep the yeast up as they are winding down. In other words, start cool, finish warm.
Whatever happens, you made beer, and that’s always good. It may not turn out to be the best ever, but I’ll bet it’s better than Bud Light :wink:
The Caribou slobber is actually pretty forgiving of goofs, which is one reason it is so popular(it’s also fracking awesome). So, let her ride, learn from your mistake, and get ready to brew another batch asap. Good Luck! :cheers:

I’d let it finish fermenting and taste it. If it tastes okay, bottle it up and drink it asap. If it tastes a bit off, give it a good dry hopping then bottle it up and drink it asap. If it tastes like crap, dump it. Or, bottle it up and drink it asap.

Thanks for the input I was thinking I had to dump it but now I have some hope. I have some home grown cascade in the freezer maybe I should throw some of it in.

LOve Cascades. I think that might be a good idea.

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