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Help my hops!

I have a few first year plants and some second year plants. The second year hood is growing like crazy but is starting to have problems. Leaves are brittle and have holes in them and some tips are browning and withering. Similar signs can be seen in first year plants as well. They are all planted in composted manure, with no other fertilizer added. I have done some tests on the soil and the pH is right on but I seem to be low on nitrogen and on the high end of potassium. How is this possible? Has anyone had this problem? Any recommendations on fertilizer? I worry about my poor plants!

Thanks in advance!

I have 3 1st year hops plant i haven’t seen the browning on the tips, but the holes and brittleness are something i see on my plants too.

What is your watering cylce and current temps day/night? Miracle Gro will give you a big jump in nitrogen and hops LOVE nitrogen.
The curling of the tips looks very much like not enough water to them(something twisting or damaging the bine). Since the tips still have green in them, it looks like whatever is causing this has just happened w/n a day or two.
Are the brittle leaves closing to the ground? This is common since they are older than the leaves above them.

Check out this link. Could be ealy signs of a Potassium deficiency? (the last of 3 numbers on a fertilizer bag) ... s#nutrient
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