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Help me with carb issue please

Hey guys i have a problem.

I bottled a Smashing Pumkin Ale (NB) last Sunday(5 days ago). I opened one today to sample, and there was absolutely no carbonation.

Here are the details.

Brewed Sept 15.
Secondary Sept 24.
Bottled Oct 23.

All at normal temps, with no obvious issues.

3 gallon yield, bottled with 1/2 cup + of corn sugar. Appeared to have regular sedimentation on bottom of bottle, but no carb?

What should I do?

I could dump all back and re-yeast and re-sugar?

Please advise.

I’d give it another week. Try gently inverting the bottles (don’t shake), and let them settle out for a week. It’s possible your priming sugar wasn’t distributed evenly and you got an underprimed bottle. I’ve only added yeast after bottling once. Rehydrate dry yeast and add a drop or two with a sanitized eye dropper to each bottle. Recap with new caps. You don’t want to add more sugar. A bit more patience might be all you need, though. Mike

5 days in the bottle is not enough to carb them. Wait 2 weeks, 3 weeks is better, try one. If not carbed, wait another week. Make sure they’re at room temperature to carb.

i saw the title and thought i was going to help you with a carburetor :mrgreen: just in case you do have a problem with a carburetor i’m the man

It’s going to take patience and time to do it right. Another week to 10 days and it will be good to go.

Five days is way too soon to expect carbonation. I may get antsy at ten days but I know 14 days is the best. I have 4 cases carbing now, 12 days in the bottle. I’ll probably chill a couple tomorrow for Monday.

Needs more time for proper carbonation.

I had a beer of each the past 2 days. 1 at 13 days, and 1 at 14 days. carbonation was okay, satisfactory but the beer just does not taste as it should. Another week and it will be aged better. It will be mo better.

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