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Help me turn all grain clone to extract

I really want to turn this into an extract. Probably have to do brew in a bag to make it work.
Ppg L. Bill%
10 lb American pale-row 37 1.8 74.1%
3 lb. American wheat. 38. 1.8 22.2%
For 5.5 gallons
The extra ingredients I can do but not sure what to do on malt extract either

One day I’ll start mashing but until than I will work with what I got.

Just use wheat DME… I don’t remember the exact proportion of wheat and barley malt, but you should be able to nail that percentage with a mixture of wheat DME and pale DME.

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If I remember correct,y wheat LME is 65% wheat and 35% pale malt. Just that alone will be pretty close.

You’ll want to check the proportions for the brand of Wheat DME that you buy. It can vary:

The math for converting to DME isn’t difficult, but you’ll need to know the assumed mash efficiency (should be part of the recipe). Knowing the OG will help when double-checking the DME base recipe.

If you post your converted recipe, there’s probably someone here who would be willing to double check the math.

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OK. That’s the original (all grain) recipe.

This offer still stands:

Converting all grain recipes to extract recipes “by hand” makes math story problems fun and interesting :slight_smile: .

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Exactly! Do the research to find what the points per pound, then go figure. Once you break through, you’ll be a whiz at figuring/ translating/develpoing… truly, its not hard… figuring your efficiency is… Sneezles61


I got up a little early this morning. Got a cup of coffee, watched a beautiful sunrise.

Then I converted a recipe with my “bare hands” :slight_smile:

The calculations are four function math.

The equations require close attention to the “unit of measure” (GPs, …) associated with each number.

_edit (5/8/17): How to Brew, 4th edition, pp 54-55 has a well written approach on how to do this conversion. _

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Thank you! Not sure what I’m exactly looking at but I can look it up.

consider brewing the 1st attempt with 5.15 5.0 lb light DME and 2.83 3.0 lbs of wheat DME.

Thank you small batch brewer, as I’m rather slow doing/expressing stuff on the PC, you shined at a good time! Sneezles61

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Thank you. About a year ago, you were the primary inspiration for me to turn off the recipe calculators and learn the equations that model the brewing process. I have earned a lot about brewing by “doing the math” myself. That being said, I have Beersmith - and it’s a great tool for double-checking the math and for communicating recipes with others.

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It isn’t hard to do, but, there is some research/tools needed to make this part very easy to understand! I still haven’t tried an online calculator… stubborn, perhaps, maybe more frustrated I have a tough time navigating this PC… Sneezles61

Thank you I will buy it now. Any yeast suggestions? Do you also think I should get a year starter kit for it?

Start with the yeast the original recipe uses. If it’s a dry yeast, you won’t need a yeast starter kit.

With dry yeast, you can rehydrate it or just sprinkle it on the top of the wort. For me, sprinkling dry yeast gives good results and it’s the simplest way to get the yeast in the wort :slight_smile: .

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