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Help me identify the problem

Hey guys, growing my first pair of hops, both cascade.

Few days ago I noticed some wilting and it’s been progressing but I can’t tell what the cause is. We’ve been getting some rain here so I thought maybe it’s root rot but it doesn’t look like in pictures. To me looks like a deficiency of some sort.

I was comparing to this site, only nice reference I could find: ... -and-pests

Here are some of my pictures:
[attachment=0]2013-05-28 18.50.27.jpg[/attachment]

[attachment=1]2013-05-28 18.49.51.jpg[/attachment]

Can you guys help me figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it?

Don’t know of many deficiencies that cause wilting. They do look drowned though, and all that water can leach nutrients from the soil. Your potting mix doesn’t look especially rich either so they could probably use some nutrients. I’d give them a shot of plant food (Miracle grow 20-20-20 in water) and try and let them dry out a bit.

Definitely doesn’t look like an insect or infestation problem (God knows I’ve done battle with those). Looks to me like maybe a drainage problem? What was your planting soil like, and did you have any pooling water for a couple of days in your hop bed after the rain?

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