Help me get started

So I have recently decided to purchase the one gallon small batch starter kit from this site. I was just inspired one day to give this whole process a try and see where it takes me and what brews ill be able to make up. Im looking for any general advice that you would like to give to a novice and first time brewer looking to get my feet wet for the first time. Anything you have to say will be better than nothing at all since i have no experience with this art. thanks

I’m fairly new to this craft as well but the best advice I’ve received is…RDWHAHB!

Carefully follow the brewing instructions that came with your kit…be patient…give the process time to produce a quality beer…read and learn…this site offers everything you could possibly need as far as knowledge and education…the most important thing I think you should learn and practice early on in your brewing is sanitation…take it serious! Welcome to a world of fun and good, high-quality, fresh beer! :cheers:

1st, do you like craft beer or are you trying to make Bud Lite?

If you want to make BL, skip this hobby.

If you like craft beer, skip the 1g kits. You will only get ~10 beers out of it. Not worth the time investment. If it’s just you drinking, get a 3 or 5 gallon carboy or a 5 gallon pail and spit a 5 gallon kit into 2 and make 2.5g batches. Same amount of work for 24 beers.

Keep your fermentation temps in check and you will make a tasty brew. See my signature line for simple ideas.

Finally, read the 1st 2 pages of these forums. Search for other forums and read the 1st 2 pages on them. Much of the info will be repetitive, but you will know what others freaked out about and will be prepared.

Read a little before you start. Will save you some anxiety. Most of the first time posts here are the same few questions. Is a free version of John Palmer's book, online.

Good luck, and welcome to the hobby.