Help Me Fix My F Up

I am going to rescue this batch I swear!

PROBLEM #1: Super high original gravity of 1.10 when I was aiming for 1.086.

I am brewing a DFH Midas Touch clone in Tenerife. Recipe calls for malt extract, honey, hops, saffron and 3 days into fermentation the addition of grape juice concentrate. All these can be sourced locally and I am a big fan of this beer.

I am not new to fermentation but I am new to using Beersmith brewing software. After finishing my brew day I noticed there is a difference in calculating amount of ingredients between extract brew vs all grain brews. I adjusted the original recipe from the brewmasters book, which called for malt extract, for all grain. The software suggested to use like 20 lbs of barley but I chose to go with 11 lbs and double the honey to reach the 8.0 ABV. This was in extract mode. When I changed it to all grain or partial the values of ingredients were all different. WHAT???

So I end up with a beer that may turn to 15% ABV instead of the desired 8%. I did not add more more hops during brew but I did add a handful of sweat leaf leaf, which I think will work in my favor to increase bittering.

Which brings me to PROBLEM #2 - I used Safale US 05 yeast, and I don´t think it can handle all the sugars. I am in no rush to drink this beer so I am considering secondary fermentation and adding a high gravity yeast (based on suggestions by the community). What if I did secondary and pitched fresh US 05?

Fermentation temperature is 21C, 70F. Batch size is around 15L, 3.8 gal. It is fermenting like crazy from day 2 on (the airlock is muddy from krausen froth). Smells great. Added juice concentrate on day 4 instead of 3 like recipe called for thinking it needed an extra day because of high gravity. I did not boil the honey like recipe called for but added it after flame out to promote more honey flavors. And saffron seems to have floated to the top and into the froth, hopefully the aroma still transefers to batch.

Please offer advice on making this a drinkable beer that happens to be high alcohol. Currently day 4 of fermentation.

When you’re in extract mode, beersmith assumes you are steeping your grains, meaning you get very little yield from them. I forget what if anything is different between partial mash and all grain mode. If you’re using a signficant amount of grain I would call it all grain. You can still add extract to an “all grain” recipe. Also, in all grain mode, you need to tell beersmith what efficiency to anticipate.

On the upside, since midas touch is an oddball beer with minimal hopping already, you probably won’t end up with anything too drastically different than what you were shooting for. Other than it will be stronger of course. I wouldn’t try to do anything to “rescue” it at this point. What I would do though is add a highly alcohol tolerant yeast, right around now. IF you wait for fermentation activity to die down before you add the new yeast, it might stall.

Good luck, and don’t let this turn you off on beersmith, its a great tool.

I would just let it finish out with the US-05. If you hit an FG of 1.020 from 1.100, you’re only at 10.5% ABV - which I think it can handle.

How much yeast did you pitch?

[quote=“narcout”]I would just let it finish out with the US-05. If you hit an FG of 1.020 from 1.100, you’re only at 10.5% ABV - which I think it can handle.

How much yeast did you pitch?[/quote]

Given the amount of honey and grape juice in this, I’m guessing he’s hoping to hit a FG lower than 1.020. I would still be tempted to add a more tolerant yeast. There are reports of US-05 crapping out in the vicinity of 10%.

Good call on the “how much yeast” question. He really should have pitched at least 2 packets of US-05. If not, all the more reason to add more yeast.

I only pitched one packet of yeast, 11.5 for 14L. What if I wait for the primary to end and then go for a secondary with a high ABV yeast or should I keep it the same yeast?

DO NOT rack this thing to a secondary until its absolutely done attenuating. Pitch your extra yeast into the primary.

This is a big beer, with a lot of non-malt fermentables, and its going to take some conditioning time to not taste like rocket fuel. I would leave it in primary for AT LEAST a month, beyond when you “think” its done. If you think it needs more conditioning at that point (and it probably will) then you can rack to secondary and probably look forward to waiting 6 months or so before its ready.

Do not get in any hurry, and DO NOT rack prematurely.