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Help me decide to secondary or not!


I have read many posts as to or not to secondary, or just do a long primary and then bottle/keg.

I am still not clear as to what exactly you should be considering in this question. I currently have 2 batches in the basement at different stages.

1 A IPA that has been in the primary for 22 days, 1335 yeast now at 1.08, still pushing off a bubble every few minutes.

2 A California Conmmon that has been in the primary for 9 days, 1056 yeast now at 1.12, gives off a bubble once a minute.

Should I put either into secondary, or just let them ride it out respectively and go right to bottle? Both had a nice healthy starter and fermented very actively at acceptable temps.

Any advice from experienced brewers would be appreciated.

the readings you give , are they the finals because you give 1.08 should it be 1.008? and the 1.12 should it be 1.012? if so then i would go ahead with th ipa and let the other one go awhile longer.

guess i should have been more clear, go ahead and bottle the ipa i wouldn’t secondary. unless you are dry hopping it.

i assume you mean 1.008 and 1.012

personally i would not secondary. i like my ipa’s young and typically bottle at 3 weeks to 1 month. i dont use secondarys anymore after reading many posts on the i either do extended Primary or age in keg for beers that are worth aging. i also dry hop in the primary, or in the keg.

before you transfer the beer, make sure they are done fermenting. if the gravity remains the same after 3-5 days then its probably done

yes, 1.008, and 1.012. Sorry, could not find the edit on the new site.

yea that kinda sucks, hope they get that fixed.

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