Help me classify and name my beer, please (again)

About to open bottles of this brew, and wonder what I should call it and what kind of beer I should say it is.

Ordered the patersbier extract kit (sans yeast) - so it’s got 0.5 lb carapils crushed grain, 6 lbs pilsen LME, and 1 oz each of Saaz and German tradition (I added the extra 0.5 oz of GT at 5 min left). Then at flameout I added 1.5 lbs brown sugar. I fermented it on Wyeast 1469 Yorkshire (smack pack).

So, it started as a Belgian abbey session, but was dosed with a good bit of brown sugar, and fermented by English yeast. What kind of beer can/should I say this is? What kind of names might be appropriate?

I think Belgian still applies… Belgain beer is sometimes known for being a little out on the edge and the way you,ve done it certainly qualifies in my book…Tank :cheers:

Without Belgian yeast it is best a pale ale. I would call it a table beer and keep us style nazis confused. :cheers:

It fits no style description. It’s beer. Might actually taste very good. It’s kind of like an imperial blonde ale. Maybe call it that… imperial blonde ale. Or if the brown sugar darkens it a lot, then call it an amber ale. It’s all good. Enjoy it.