Help me brew a Frankenstein beer tonight!

So (long story) but i just got a 6 lbs jug of wheat extract. I’m board as shit tonight and want to just brew something up with what i got laying around the house (no yeast… i can just add tomorrow right?). I have not done an extract in 5 years so thought this would be fun to just throw together. help me out here… what should i make. below is what i got on hand

6 lbs of wheat extract
1 lb random bag of grain in my basement (two row???)
half pound of wheat

2 oz styrian Goldings
5 oz cascade
5 oz nugget
2 oz centennial
2 oz willement


A bunch … a lot! of honey
orange peel
… a lot

what do i make… considering i can go get and add the yeast later.

I personally don’t care much for majority of wheat beers so I might not be much help here but that is a lot of random stuff laying around. I’d focus on keeping it simple. Wheat, grain, maybe a pound of honey, some willement? I don’t know, I would just focus on not going overboard and dumping a little bit of everything in.

what yeast should i use? do i call this a wit?

Willement hops? I heard they taste like feet.

You got every thing there to make a wit so might as well!

The Willements taste similar to Foggmel hops.