Help! Looking into making hard cider!

I’m looking into making hard cider for this fall and am having issues finding a good source of apple cider/juice.
Please let me know where you get your cider and how much it costs/gallon.
ps I live in the Minneapolis/St Paul area

Not many apple orchards around here, and have never seen locally-grown fresh cider, so I use organic, unfiltered apple cider in a gallon jug for ~$6-$7.

I have a buddy press most of mine from a blend of apples from the local orchard. Balance can make or break a cider. I also receive a few gallons of Kingston Blk from the east coast every year.

Do a google search for Deer Lake Orchard in Buffalo MN. I got 5 gallons of some just pressed cider from them last year for brewing. Just mention you want it for some hard cider and they won’t pasteurize it. They also give a discount if you bring your own bucket. I think it was 6 or 7 bucks a gallon. Been to long to remember exactly.

I know that I am a little late in responding, but maybe this will help for next year. I also live in Saint Paul and am making cider for the first time. I am picking up 6 gallons of preservative free, unpasturized cider later today from Pine Tree Orchard in White Bear Lake. You have to call ahead and they will save you some when they do their next pressing. I called begining of October, so it took about 3 weeks, and they couldn’t give me an exact date of when it would be ready. I don’t know if they are doing more this year, but it is worth a shot. Also avoid calling or picking up on the weekends…this place is a mad house. They also have any apple product you could imagine. I highly recommend the apple turnovers :cD

Hope this helps :cD

I just bought 6 gallons of “Kruegers” all natural Preservative free cider from Costco.

I think they were $5.85 per gallon. I have used these in my apple ale.

I am getting 5 gallons of fresh pressed cider from “Fireside Orchard” outside of Northfield, MN this week. I’m dropping my jug off today, they’ll fill it tomorrow, and I’ll pick it up on Thursday. $7.00/gallon - - it is located East of I35 on HWY 19 approximatley 2 miles from the interstate

Man, you all are so unfortunate. I get the best cider in the world from my local farmer’s market every October, $3 per gallon. I’ve talked to the main dude and he said they use a base of Wealthy, Winesap, and I think McIntosh or Cortland, so you know it’s not just all Red Delicious. Unfortunately my cider all went to vinegar this year due to my laziness, but on the other hand, it will be very tasty on my fish fry and salads!