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Help identifying a bug

I always see these bugs on my hop plants. They follow my hops indoors, of course, after harvest. I don’t think they’re harmful, but they sure are ugly little buggers. Six legs, brownish orange sides, and a hairy looking abdomen.

That’s the infamous six legged hairy hop eater.


Oddly enough this year is the first that I haven’t seen any of these.

This may be the larva of the Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle (Harmonia axyridis). Very good for your hops. A pest in the house.

Page 55 of this publication.

Looks like the larval form of a ladybug to me too(also known as an aphid lion). Means you probably had some aphids eating your hop plants and the lady bugs cleaned them up. Good deal!

That’s it! Ladybug lavae! Pretty when mature, but ugly little things when young. Thanks!

It is a lady beetle.

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