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Help For Sleepy Red

My 3 week old Irish Red puts needs help. The recipe puts me to sleep not due to excess but due to boredom. This Red is dull and pretty much tasteless. Considering dumping the keg. Any suggestions for a dry hop addition?

the common advice is to mimic the hops used in the boil for the dry hop, what was your hop schedule for the red?

that being said, Chinook is a brilliant dry hop, and i’m sure would be great. :cheers:

Disconnect the gas line. Purge the leg of co2. Carefully remove the lid and an .5 to 1 oz of hops. Depending on the recipe, use something that fits the flavor profile. Search the forum on how to add hops to a keg.

Thanks guys. Here’s the hop schedule.

Bring to a boil and add 1 oz Cascade bittering hops. (60 Minutes)

Add 1 oz Fuggle aroma hops for the last 2 minutes

personally, i would not dry hop with fuggle.

Cascade or chinook would be my choices. 1 oz should get you a nice aroma

1oz - assuming this is a 5 gallon batch***

I had lunch at a local brewpub the other day and they had an Irish Red made with Cascades. Amazing!
Definitely going to do it when an I.R. comes up next in my brewing rotation.
Now, I think of Cascades as more flavor and aroma than bittering, so maybe that was the problem with your recipe. Add more Cascade, that’s my guess.

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