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Help for newbie

Hi all,
I am getting married June 14th and bought the Wineexpert selection Pinot Grigio. I have never made wine before so any suggestions and helpful hints would be great! I went to a local shop and they said that I should be able to start it today and it will be at peak flavor at the time of the wedding. I know it is a little lofty to try my first batch for the wedding, but I like the challenge!

World Vineyard, or Selection series?

Selection series

I would have to disagree with the peak flavor by June optimism.

I would say by late August- early fall you would really see this wine come into its own.

Not to say it won’t be decent by June. It is definately a good choice of wine. It will have about a month in the bottle to take some of the edge off, but could still be a tad on the sharp side and be a little lacking in the flavor department.

Still worth the effort though.

The process for this wine will be pretty straight forward. Just follow the instructions. Letting it sit a little longer at each stage is better than doing anything too early.

Let us know if you have any questions as you go along.

Also congratulations and have a great time at the wedding. :cheers:

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