Help! - first brew bourbon porter

I have been soaking Oak Chips in woodford reserve for over a week now. Do I need to add this to the secondary? Or could I just add the bourbon when it is time to bottle?

Are there any pros or cons to this?

You’ll want to add the oak chips to the secondary for them to add the oakiness flavor you are looking for. You can also add the bourbon if you want more of that flavor. I would suggest pulling a measured amount and adding a measured amount of bourbon and then scale up. From my experience, you can add quiet a bit of bourbon before making a drastic flavor impact. However I would suggest adding a little at a time since flavor is subjective.

I would add the chips and check on them in a couple weeks. Since chips have a greater surfce area they can impart their flavor rather quickly.

I generally go with 8-12 oz. of bourbon. I soak the cubes like you did in the bourbon for a week and add to secondary for about 3 weeks. Then bottle.

I made this one early this fall. I did the 16 oz. of bourbon (Makers Mark) suggested with the wood cubes and let them age in the secondary for about three weeks before bottling. Turned out great.