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Help figuring OG

I recently brewed a Belgian Golden Strong with an OG of 1.071. However I also added 2 lbs of clear Belgian candi syrup to the primary during fermentation. 1 lb additions on 2 separate days.

Is there a way to determine (or ballpark) my OG including the sugar additions?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Assuming a 5 gallon batch and 32 points per gallon for the syrup, 2 lbs would add about 13 points so your OG would be about 1.084.

Most of the candi syrup I’m aware of runs about 36 ppg, so each lb. added about 7 points. So, you added 14 points total to whatever your OG was.

ETA: I misremembered. 32 is correct as other posters have noted.

Clear Belgian Candi syrup sold by our host is 1.032

So assuming you have exactly 5 gallons in the fermenter your virtual OG is 1.0838

Fantastic. Thanks for the replies.

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