Help beer ruined?

So I went down to check my beer in my fermentation fridge tonight and found a surprise. I started cold crashing it yesterday and forgot to take out the blowoff tube. The cold air must have created a vacuum and sucked starsan water into beer. Besides that the pot I had starsan in had some nasty lime scale in it. I will never try to brew 2 beers in one day.

How much do you think was sucked in? Did the fermenter volume go up or did you just notice less starsan in the pot?

It would have been sanitized lime scale at least. I’m guessing it will be just fine. Sample it when you rack. You’ll know if there is a problem.

Its probably okay. Of all the things that you can accidentally get in your beer, star san is one of the better choices. :slight_smile: I wouldn’t worry about the lime scale. If it tastes okay drink it.

Yeah when you cold crash you cant leave anything on them that might suck stuff up. I just soak a paper towel in star san then lay that over the opening with a piece of aluminum foil on top of that. You will have to taste it too really know. good luck

If you’re just talking about an airlock’s worth of StarSan, you won’t even notice.

I would guess it was about a gallon of starsan. I am more worried that it will taste watered down.

All you can do is taste it at this point and see if it affected anything. Then chalk it up to experience. Everyone here that has brewed for any length of time has stories to share. :wink:

Was it really a whole gallon? If that’s the case, there’s undeniably going to be an impact, although hopefully it will be more of a watering down than a “tastes like sanitizer”. It might be tolerable, I would still give it a shot. If it tastes bad now, I wouldn’t bother carbonating it.

[quote=“metaltec15”]I would guess it was about a gallon of starsan. I am more worried that it will taste watered down.[/quote]Did you have the blowoff at a level higher than the beer in the fermenter? Because the tiny vacuum caused by cold-crashing shouldn’t be enough to pull a gallon of StarSan up into the fermenter if it’s below the fermenter where it should be.

Blowoff bucket was on the same shelf as the fermentor. I will see if I can get pictures of it.